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MAY 2017

Spaces for Social Change



Carla Camilla Hort

Space 10

Carla Cammilla Hjort is a farm-owning, spiritual-thinking, once board-riding entrepreneur. She is the mastermind behind Rebel Agency, Artrebels and Trailerpark Festival. Currently she's running fast AF as founder and director of the future-living lab in the meatpacking district of Copenhagen known as Space10.


Veronica D'Souza


Veronica D’Souza is a social entrepreneur and award winner behind the social enterprise Ruby Cup. At the moment, she’s highlighting ethical consumption and responsibility with her fashion brand CARCEL. The clothing is made by primarily Peruvian female inmates, incarcerated for poverty related crimes.


Claire McNally

Advertising Genius & Professor

Clare McNally is a hardcore creative director at one of Copenhagen’s leading agencies, Konstellation & Republica. Besides, she’s a ‘brand creation’ teacher, a strongly opnionated blogger and passionate seeker of young creative talent.

Stories, smiles and endless gin & tonics courtesy of Copenhagen Distillery were all around. Carla Cammilla Hjort, director of future-thinking Space10, told us about buying 36 plane tickets and traveling the world for the hell of it; Veronica D’Souza, founder of luxury brand Carcel, told us about finding a way to do some good within a capitalist framework; and Clare McNally, Strategic Brand Creator at the agency Konstellation & Republica, shared her perspective on goodvertising and basically made us a laugh until we couldn’t breathe anymore.