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Liza Chong

INDEX: Design Improve Life

Half Thai, half Chinese and raised in London, she told the audience how her upbringing and cultural ties affect how she perceives herself.

Liane Zimsen Dambo

Street Pastor

Liane Zimsen Dambo didn’t know what theology was when she started studying it, and now walks the dodgier bits of Copenhagen listening to everybody’s stories.

Mette Ohlenforff

Creative producer

Mette Ohlendorff explained how she became – and stays – creative in the film industry, and how family can change one’s plans.

With a view over one of Copenhagen’s busiest shopping streets peppered by the sound of street musicians, we had the utmost pleasure of entertaining a room of curious people in collaboration with sustainable fashion brand Carcel at Kinfolk Gallery, where they held a pop up. Fuelled by Orange gin cocktails provided by Copenhagen Distillery, three female speakers explored the connection between personal experiences and career paths.